Moving Timetable - Practical Guide

Practical Moving Timetable


  • Establish a moving expense log
  • Reserve a truck or contract a moving company
  • Send out address change notifications
  • Collect your Vital Records (medical, insurance, DMV, school, tax, etc.)
  • Identify items you will be moving (have a garage sale and/or
    donate the remainder)



  • Procure boxes & other packing materials (if applicable)
  • Begin packing seldom used items
  • Make travel/hotel/car reservations
  • Arrange for service of automobiles



  • Plan for special needs of infants & small children
  • Consult a veterinarian about pet transportation
  • Cancel any home delivery service(s)
  • Schedule disconnection dates for all utilities & other services
  • Transfer bank accounts to your new area
  • Recruit some help for moving day (if applicable)
  • Set aside items you will need when you arrive at your new home
  • Begin serious packing/storage of remainder of household


  • Pick-up items you've loaned out or have had serviced
  • Return borrowed items (including videos, library books, etc.)
  • Transfer prescriptions to pharmacy in new area
  • Drain fuel from power equipment and dispose of other flammable material
  • Use up food on hand
  • Defrost refrigerator & freezer
  • Pack a travel kit


  • Carry enough cash or travelers checks to cover cost of moving & initial living expenses
  • Inventory all items & boxes as they are loaded onto the truck
  • Walk through the house, checking closets & other storage areas
  • Lock all windows & doors
  • Check that all appliances are off & leave refrigerator/freezer door ajar
  • Leave a note so that the next occupant can reach you
  • Leave all keys needed by new occupant
  • Turn off lights & heat
  • Notify neighbors/police that the premises are vacant


And there are many more simple techniques and methods that we can share with you to help your move be the smoothest it can be! call us today and find out how we can help you! Contact Us

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